Whether you are holding a lavish banquet, a formal business seminar, an intimate cocktail reception, or a wedding solemnization. Every event is expertly managed by our experienced team. What an ideal place for your gatherings.
Jupiter Hall

The perfect place for semi-large to large events like product launches, press conferences, seminars, wedding events, and other parties. Designed to impress, Jupiter Hall offers a modern, multifunctional space for 150 to 650 people.

5th Floor
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Saturn Hall

Saturn is an elegant space for inspired weddings, banquets, conferences, and corporate events with modern ceiling-led, professional speaker systems in Ho Chi Minh city. A special, exclusive welcoming environment can be up to 350 banquet guests – that is what we want to offer to you. Our dedicated teams are always ready to serve you to make sure your events will run perfectly

5th Floor
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Infinity Space

The Sky One Bar can be transformed into a meeting space with an airy atmosphere best suited for business appointments, negotiations, meals, conferences as well as cocktail receptions and private events.

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Venus hall

Venus Hall has a dedicated meeting space set in a cozy corner of the hotel which includes rapid wifi, full presentation capabilities, and is comfortable for up to 150 people.

25th Floor
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Mars Hall

Functional & modern event venue, Mars is the perfect place for small and medium-sized meetings. Our professional, attentive staff remains on hand throughout to ensure a smooth, enjoyable, and impressive event.

M Floor
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Mercury Hall

A comfortable ballroom can divide into three separate space which is equipped with an adaptable sound system, adjustable lighting, roll-up projectors, and a microphone. Whether you’re planning the ultimate corporate, we can make it sublime.

25th Floor
(+84)911 282 045 | (+84)911 35 2131
A special, welcoming environment is what want to offer you—a place where your gatherings are productive & adaptable which is including everything you need.
Bespoke Gatherings
A dream wedding

A dream wedding is waiting for you. The most sacred day with marvelous moments that will last your whole life henceforth.

Private Events

Our dedicated team is here to make your gatherings more memorable with our professional services.

Corporate meetings

Premium tea breaks with flexible choice conference packages at an affordable rate are provided. Our dedicated team will bring you tailored solutions to meet your requirements and ensure that everything runs smoothly and professionally.